TABADOUL for Export Development is Provide High Level Of Services 

Analyses the specific needs of each customer and develops a tailored plan to attend customer's demand for international businesses.

Export Services


International trade is a part of daily life for many corporations . If you are seeking inexpensive , quality solutions to your business challenges , consider Egypt .Let TABADOUL help you find the right supplier in Egypt .We work with only the best manufactures in Egypt .

TABADOUL  will negotiate the best price , establish delivery , introduce you , be present 

at meeting , assist with translation , assist with legal advice , ensure fair contracts , work with local freight forwarders and shipping companies , etc.


Our main service are :

 Development of Egypt suppliers;

  • Development of international products;
  • Determination of Harmonized Code (HS Code) for products, assuring correct tariff classification;
  • International negotiation;
  • Pre-shipment inspection;
  • International Payment;
  • International logistics management;
  • Import projects' feasibility analysis;
  • Support companies during business visits, helping customers with technical translations (English, Spanish and German), travel management, meeting arrangements, etc.


 Many Egyptian companies are looking for imported products in order to optimize business performance and to achieve cost reduction. TABADOUL helps foreign companies to introduce their products in the Brazilian market through customized services. We deliver intelligent solutions for companies aiming to enter or expand its activities in Egypt.   

Let TABADOUL support your sales in the following ways:


  • TABADOUL works as sales representatives for foreign companies willing to enter in the Egyptian market;
  • Develops feasibility analysis for international businesses in Egypt;
  • Supports companies to understand Egyptian tax system
  • Support companies to understand Egyptian customs systtem
  • Develops marketing strategies for product positioning in Egypt ;
  • Manages international logistics ( sea shipping , air shipping , land shipping )
  • Supports our partners to take part in Egypt trade fairs;
  • Supports customers to develop pricing models for the Egyptian markets;
  • Develops financial diagnoses in Egyptian manufacturers in order to know their current financial and operational status;
  • Supports foreign customers with accounts payable to assure that international payments will be received on time.



  • Identify potential opportunities in the Egyptian markets;
  • Market research delivering a report containing potential importers or exporters with updated data;
  • Financial and budgeting plan for investments in the selected projects.








Why From Egypt

Egypt is Center of the world.

Egypt is Cheaper than near Countries .

All countries around the world trust in Egypt

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