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Import Management is our core service, and one we are always striving to perfect. In the field of importing, we import kitchen utensils and cookware, stationary, laptops, desktops, switches, servers, printers, scanners, multi-functional gadgets, food products, home appliances, marine products, latex products. We import from factories in Korea, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and Vietnam. We export products from Egypt to some of these countries too.


  • We target suitable countries and best providers for the required products, choose a country with client and afterwards comes time for the inspection; identify all producers of the required product in the chosen country.
  • The vendor choice comes on basis of various criteria: the oldest in product production, the biggest factories in the field, number of employees and lines of production, certificates that qualify the factory, annual sales, and who are his clients.
  • On choosing the best, for example 3 providers, we ask for samples. The moment certain samples are approved by the client, we begin negotiating the providers on prices in an attempt to provide the best purchase ; best quality with the best price and least deposit.


We facilitate all export or import LOGISTICS which need to be addressed and relate to product, such as:
  • Packing; packed in an appropriate manner, so that it arrives at its destination in a good condition.
  • Labelling; labelled correctly to ensure that the product is handled properly and arrive on time and at its desired destination.
  • Documentation; shipment is documented correctly to meet local legal requirements as well as those that are relevant in the target country.
  • payment methods; various payment mechanisms that suite our client, best serve his own favor and mitigate against any risk factors that may exist in the specific export/import market .
  • Shipment Insurance; insured against any damage, loss, pilfering, and/or any possible delays that may arise during the period that the product is in transit. For international shipments, the carrier’s liability is frequently limited by international agreements and the coverage is substantially different from domestic coverage. Damaging weather conditions, rough handling by carriers, and other common hazards to cargo make marine insurance important protection for exporting companies.
  • Freight; preparing to ship a product overseas or through air freight, thus we also offer the services of an experienced international freight forwarder.
  • We understand the meanings and implications of the various importing and exporting terms used in daily up-to-date national and international business operations. So we work on producing certificates and documents necessary for the process; like: Certificate of Origin, Dock & Warehouse Receipts, Consular invoice, Commercial Invoice, custom clearance, Insurance Certificates, bill of Lading, export/import Packing List, certificate of Inspection, import/export license …etc.
  • Added to all this, as part of our services, we manage all banking solutions and pay the Freighting costs, relevant port charges, any consular fees, the cost of any special documentation, custom clearance, any insurance costs, the freight forwarder’s handling fees …etc., then gather all costs for the client to pay for and never ask for a penny till the shipment reaches the warehouses of our clients.

Future Goals

Looking forward to being one of the professionals in outsourcing and consultation in the fields of importing and exporting around the world in an attempt to be pioneers in providing all services related to importing or exporting in Egypt. Added to this we aspire for a long term partnership – we invest in our clients.

About Tabadoul

TABADOUL EXPORT DEVELOPMENT was established by experienced management & stuff with a target to be one of the leading import ,export,trading & agencies in Egypt. through out this period

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